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Leadership books are a dime a dozen and you need not look farther than airport bookshelves to tap into the latest trend. If a manager is looking for a quick fix for a managerial problem he (or she) might, might, get an idea that applies to his situation. The problem is by learning one leadership element he’ll fall short on the total leadership package. Still worse he thinks reading a book or even two will get him a promotion. In the end these books collect dust on shelves, are seldom read entirely and result in temporary leadership for disheartened well-meaning managers.

I wish each new Leadership book would add a forward to the foreward that reads,

“Hey, here are some more savvy ideas and techniques you can add to your business and leadership acumen. Keep in mind this is only one of many you will need to be a better leader. Also remember that lifelong learning is a requirement for overall progress. Oh, and don’t forget enlisting the invaluable insightful support of real live humans (mentors and coaches) is fundamental to leadership.”

Of course leadership is fundamental. You can find bits and pieces that expand on the basics in each book out there. YOU, on-the-other-hand, are unique and by no means basic. No one book or weekend course will address all of your needs. You also don’t have the time or energy to research the vast subject knowledge or the multitude of approaches needed to fine tune your specific professional leadership growth needs. Furthermore, the simultaneous personal value alignment necessary for real leadership development is often overlooked.

I’m often asked if I have read this book or that. Most are forgettable, trendy and textbook. Still it’s my job to know what’s happening in my industry so I read. I stopped writing books and developing textbook workshop binders years ago. Instead each participant in my coaching programs receives resources and assignments specific to their personal growth needs, weekly. No two participants are ever the same as I have yet to encounter clones. Books are only pieces of the puzzle. Putting the leadership pieces together to help create a beautiful you is what I do.

Caution: Leadership books lead to provisional leadership.
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