One thing I’m really bad at is paying attention
to detail…

I’m awful at it…

It’s just not in my make up… Even something

as simple as writing this email without any

spelling mistakes is a challenge for me.

I’ll write it…

Check if for errors…

Check it for errors again and I’ll be convinced

it’s perfect.

But then, sure enough I’ll send it out and
there will be a spelling or a grammatical error

somewhere or another.

I used to let it really slow me down.

But then I read a statement by a multimillionaire

one of his regular sayings was this…

“Good enough is good enough!”

His argument was, it’s better to get
something done to 90% perfection and
actually do it. Rather than keep putting it off

because it’s not quite 100%.

And he’s right of course.

And I see the same behavior in pretty much
all the 7 figure business owners I come

across today.

They’re more concerned about

IMPLEMENTATION than perfection.

Anyone that has ever worked with me knows how
emphatic I am about implementing strategic
And it works in their favor too because it’s the
implementation that gets you results!
Even a company as big as Apple will release
products and software updates before they’re
100% perfect.  You only need to read the
reviews of any new apple release to know this is true…
Phones bending in pockets…
Screen breaking too easily…
Battery life running out too fast…
Far from perfect…
But perfection is implementations worst
You’ll spend so long trying to ‘do it right’ that
you put off ‘doing it at all.’
Getting results is all about getting stuff
done!  And getting stuff done with less
hassle and few headaches is what I aim for everyday.
If this doesn’t convince you to let go of
perfection and you need a little help to
give it a go …
It’s time we talked.
Does this stop you from getting things done?
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