Executive Coaching is an interactive process designed
to help you develop confidently and rapidly.

Executive Coaching is focused on maximizing performance addressing Executives’ total needs, both organizational and personal. Giving attention to personal goals is a major contributor to the achievement of professional goals.

The #1 obstacle for not working with an executive coach is not understanding the value. A close runner up is the fear of tackling issues you have successfully avoided until now.

A leading concern for high-profile leaders is confidentiality.


   “I have been challenged to answer my own questions and then take action. I have opened up a “line of energy that was clogged” similar to a kink in a garden hose. Once that energy and clarity came back I felt somewhat reborn and more passionate about tackling the next goal. Jake also provided an avenue of confidentiality. There are goals, issues, concerns you just cannot discuss with others on the level that they need to be. I like having a “cheerleader” in my corner as I do not tend to pat my own back.”

The one on one format of Coaching gives Executives the opportunity to work on their unique needs (skills, personal and/or business objectives) and also provides flexibility.


It also benefits the company! Companies see coaching as an opportunity for executives to stretch their performance in all the areas at work and ensure a balanced life. The executive benefits as much as the company does! Coaching is a development tool for both the executive and the company.

Coaching has to be seen as Personal and Business Change management, a structured approach to transitioning individuals and companies from a current state to a desired future state. Executives use Coaching to reach the full picture faster and with success.

Your Personal success

The purpose of coaching is to improve your performance and your quality of life. You may have already achieved great success in your life, but would like to go further? Together we will identify the areas in your work and life where coaching can make the biggest difference and set some inspiring goals (usually 2 to 3). These goals then become the focus of the coaching series. Organizational requirements are incorporated as appropriate.

Ready to experience more…

  • Personal and professional growth
  • Confidence, to balance life without getting overwhelmed
  • Clarity for making powerful decisions

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