When it comes to focus and achieving goals, people with demanding careers think being more organized will solve their problems. Pity because it only adds to emotional failure if something on your list does not get done. Failed ‘organization’ contributes to frustration and time spent worrying about it drains you. To transfer your responsibilities, needs, and wants to a Daytimer, Calender, or Post-it Notes is to create a false sense of security and accountability. Most people do it, I did, so if that’s you– don’t beat yourself up. I’ll tell you why it’s likely not working in the LONG run and what does.

Leaders are dynamic, not stagnant. When you believe an organized goal is a strategy, make a plan and transfer it to a planner, you’re committing to something stagnant, which is counterintuitive to a busy life. Possibilities and new responsibilities, as well as the shifting needs of your constituents, come at you from all directions.¬†¬†Have you ever considered why and how you decide what actions to take throughout the day or week? The real decision-maker is a matter of priority. Therefore time best spent is time prioritizing- getting your priorities straight.

Leaders set goals based on priorities and know their nonnegotiables as they relate to those priorities at all times. IF you wake up in the morning and identify your top priority for the day, it will get done– no matter what. Sure, you can have a planner, but consider it a blueprint subject to change because SOMETHING always comes up. When you need to let a lower priority item go, it is with a good conscience you can shift is on your planner.

As soon as I learned the difference between prioritizing and organizing, I accomplished more than ever before. Organization tools are handy, but don’t expect them to lead your life. Prioritize for success and happiness.

Getting Organized Won’t Make You a Better Leader