I just read an article in Inc Magazine, The Success-Killing Mistakes Even Smart People Make (and How to Avoid Them) . It lists five mistakes and it is the last paragraph of number five that popped off the page. Successful people rarely get where they are settling for mediocrity. However, where they are is often close to the EDGE because of their need for perfection or so overwhelmed they experience full-stoppage. So to you I say, read the last paragraph and succeed with ease…

‘5. Setting achievement rather than performance goals.

What’s the difference? A performance goal is one that depends only on your own action, for instance to write a blog post every week. An achievement goal may be the result of your action but not in a way that you can control or even predict, such as to double your blog’s readership. There are lots of reasons why it’s smarter to set performance rather than achievement goals, but one of them is that reaching for an achievement goal encourages you to take shortcuts that may not help you in the long run–having “faux grit,” as Miller puts it.Do Your Best

People with faux grit “are the high flyers who proclaim success and earnings while cooking the books,” she says. “The only way to evade faux grit is to decide to take the patient, slower road to success, and to be surrounded by people who are honest and trustworthy.” And, she adds, “The proper way to achieve difficult goals is to set a ‘do your best’ deadline, and to expect a learning curve.”

The full article written by Minda Zetlin can be found at Inc.com

Sometimes the will to succeed just isn’t enough.
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