There was a time I used STRESS as the catalyst for getting things done. Are you one of those people that ‘works well under pressure?’ Are you deadline oriented? If not I’m confident you’ve rubbed shoulders with one in the last 24 hours ~ unless of course, you’re on vacation.

The benefit to this stressed-out deadline-oriented mindset was that it taught me how to boil things down quickly and get only what needed to be done, done.

It wasn’t until I experienced great joy and success without stress did I believe I could actually get more done. I figured people that had their act together in advance clearly had no life.

These bits of advice help me to experience a great life and for the most part very little stress. It’s a quickie with loads of pictures. I hope you have time to buzz through it STRESS-FREE.

You’re going to love these infographics:

How Famous Business Leaders Deal with STRESS