When most people start their business or even careers, they wear many hats. At one time, I was CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, Purchasing, Customer Service, HR, Manager, Copy Repair, Marketing, and Sales. Oh, I almost forgot… I was Lead Consultant and Speaker. That’s right, that which pays the bills and we love gets lost in the business. It can and does overwhelm the business owner. The problem is knowing when to take off the hats.

Eventually, there comes a time you have to say, “I don’t do that.” Sooner rather than later, before you fall apart, you’ve got to trust someone else to take care of the business, your clients, and YOU. You know its time when you start missing important meetings, events, deadlines, and details essential to your success. You will know its time when you can’t sleep at night? If you no longer want to jump out of bed in the morning, it’s time to take off a hat or two.

Its easier done than said, but I do spell it out for you in THE LIFE LEADERSHIP GUIDE: A 5 Step Formula to Eliminate Distraction and Get Focused. Accepting that you weren’t meant to do everything is the first step. Learning how and with whom shared what you value most for personal buy-in is the next step. I wrote this guide for you because doing only what you do best (wearing your favorite hat) and letting others do the rest, is possible and awesome. Download your free copy today. lifeleadershipco.com

Take Off Your Hats & Stay Awhile